As you return to work, you may be wondering about the proper techniques for disinfecting your multifunction printer or copier devices. The good news is recommendations for sanitizing are consistent with the usual cleaning procedures we suggest for everyday use. Below you will find a handy guide which includes pre-checks as well as control panel and external cover sanitation procedures that both KDI and our service partners suggest. Please review fully prior to purchasing cleaners or beginning any cleaning.

1. Before you begin wiping down and sanitizing any of the control panel keys, external covers, power cables, etc., power down the machine so it’s completely off and disconnect the main power cable from the electrical outlet. Failure to do so could lead to personal injury and major device malfunction.

2. When considering an alcohol-based solution or alcohol-based wipes, make sure the solution contains 70% – 80% diluted ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Most types of anti-bacterial wipes or sprays, such as Lysol, Windex, and Clorox, can be used.

3. When wiping down external covers and control panel keys, never spray any cleaning or disinfection solution directly onto the surface of a machine, but rather apply directly to a lint-free cloth, microfiber cloth, or cotton swap first; then wipe accordingly.

4. Always wear disposable gloves, disposable masks, and a disposable gown to avoid exposure to unnecessary germs, dust, and toner. Failure to do so could lead to illness and/or damage to clothing. Make sure to dispose of used gloves, masks, and gowns appropriately.

5. Only use lightly dampened alcohol-based wipes, a lint-free cloth lightly dampened with alcohol, or cotton swabs lightly dampened with alcohol to clean around control panel keys and edges of the control panel display screen. Do not soak the electronic equipment with any cleaning liquid or use alcohol to clean the main display screen or the platen glass.

6. When cleaning the display screen and platen glass, it is safe to use a lint-free or microfiber cloth with a non-abrasive glass cleaner. Be sure to wring out the cloth thoroughly before applying the dampened cloth to the display screen.

7. Step 6 can be repeated to clean and sanitize any external covers.

8. After wiping down the control panel keys, display screens, or external covers, make sure to let stand for approximately 1 hour before plugging in and using any electronic device. This is to ensure that the area (inside and out), is completely dry from moisture.

9. Take special care when cleaning the inside of the main cover or toner supply covers. For instructions on any cleaning inside your machine outside of normal maintenance practices recommended by the manufacturer, please contact trained service technicians at KDI Office Technology for guidance.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, powders, or cleaning materials such as scrub brush or scouring pad. The use of cleaners that contain volatile solvents such as paint thinners, bleach, ammonia, or benzene to clean any office equipment should also be avoided. Doing so can cause damage to outside covers and internal components.

Please note, during Covid-19, you should always follow the information on disinfecting and cleaning processes provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC or the World Health Organization (WHO) should be your reference point for medical and biological expertise. Please refer to the CDC’s Environmental and Disinfection Recommendations.

KDI Office Technology is here to support our valued clients. It is our mission to provide you with the latest updates and information to keep you informed and ensure safety in operating your office equipment. We hope that you and your families remain healthy and safe. Our service team is available should you have any questions or concerns via email:, phone 800.635.3071, or by logging into our customer portal, eInfo.


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