Document Conversion – DIY Or Outsource?

Before deciding whether internal employees can tackle the job of systematically converting paper documents to digital files, it’s important to evaluate long-term and short-term needs for integrating digital documents with the electronic document management system. Compile a list of the documents that should be converted and estimate the number of pages that will need to [...]

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Document Conversion – The Benefits of Going Digital

In order to thrive in today’s challenging environment, organizations have to embrace the digital age, so that they don’t lag behind competitors when it comes to productivity, customer service and overall business efficiency. One of the most direct ways to benefit from technology is to convert paper documents to digital formats. A recent Forrester Report: [...]

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Video Conferencing Security: Keeping Your Remote Meetings Safe

The vast majority of office workers are telecommuting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, video conferencing has become the new normal for professionals across the globe. This convenient and affordable technology has exploded in popularity and is now the go-to communication medium during the pandemic for talking with co-workers, clients, prospects, vendors, and [...]

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Estimating Paper Conversion

The first question that comes up, once an organization has decided to convert their paper files into digital format, is which documents should we convert? The answer varies, based on the needs of the organization and the type of document management system that will be used. Healthcare providers, human services, and organizations with case-based files [...]

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How to Smoothly Transition Your Company to New Software Platforms

New software programs can have a tremendous impact on efficiency and productivity in your office. They offer exciting new features that can optimize your workflows, improve customer service, and make the lives of your employees easier. However, making the switch can be difficult; after all, change often comes with a learning curve, as well as [...]

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