Do you struggle to balance your Alumni’s loyalty with your need for fundraising?

Most schools are always looking for new and creative ways to fundraise and we have found a great solution, sitting right on your shelf.

Fundraising Through Digital Yearbooks

We can help you monetize your yearbooks by backfile scanning your yearbook catalog. Once in digital format, your yearbooks can now be sold via the web or as digital PDF files to your Alumni base at your next annual reunion.

Digital Yearbooks as an Accessible Asset

In addition to the revenue opportunities, it also preserves and maintains yearbooks in digital format for future generations, genealogical research, and a virtual stroll down Memory Lane.

Most Likely to Succeed: Hi-Resolution Archives

As yearbooks always contain pictures of students, teams, clubs, and superlatives, it’s essential to reproduce pages with the best possible photo resolution.  Whether in Grayscale or Color, sharp images are essential.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. If you’re nearby, IMR Digital’s Courier will schedule an appointment to collect a subset of your yearbooks and securely transport them to our Conversion Services facility in West Hazleton, PA. If you’re not local, we can provide shipping instructions for you.
  2. We will scan and image the yearbook and provide you with the electronic samples for your approval and associated cost estimates for the total volume of your yearbook collection.
  3. Did we say that part is free? That’s right! This is a test run at no cost to your school and you will only incur costs if you should decide to go forward with the project.

Sound Like a Plan?

Let’s get started! Contact us today and let’s turn the page on your new fundraising program.