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Why the MFP is the MVP of So Many Offices

The multifunction printer (MFP) is an invaluable solution for so many businesses, providing an impressive one-two punch of: Big Savings – By replacing multiple devices with one MFP your company will realize savings in the form of: Money – While an MFP costs more than a single-purpose printer, it will cost you significantly less than multiple singlefunction [...]

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Well Fargo Center and KDI Office Technology Extend Their Partnership for Another 5 Years

Aston, PA - Wells Fargo Center and KDI Office Technology, the fastest growing, independent office technology provider in the mid-Atlantic region, have reached a new multi-year agreement, adding an additional 5 years to their previous partnership. KDI supplies the office technology Wells Fargo Center in their central production department to produce all the necessary documents, signage, [...]

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Office Technology: Should You Buy or Lease?

Should you buy or lease your next printer? Which option makes more sense for your company comes down to a number of factors. Purchasing a new printer outright requires a significant capital investment up front that many small businesses are not in a position to make. However, by doing so you’ll realize lower yearly costs [...]

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