Document Management

How Much Are Paper Documents Costing Your Business?

The cost of working with paper – Paper in itself might not be expensive, but the costs associated with paper-based processes and managing paper documents can be a financial burden. Inefficient processes – Working with paper documents prevents you from utilizing automated business processes. Manual, paper-based workflows are inefficient, rife with errors and redundancy, and inhibit [...]

Digitized Documents: Better for the Environment and Your Office

Digitizing your documents through a document management solution eliminates paper from your business processes, replacing them with digital versions. Working with documents in digital rather than paper format will reduce your company’s environmental impact while offering benefits to your business as well, making it a win-win proposition. Using less paper is obviously beneficial for the environment. [...]

The Paperless Office: What Is It and Is It Attainable?

In theory, the paperless office is one free of paper documents, a workplace that instead relies on electronic forms and automated business processes. These alternatives to paper documents are facilitated through the use of technology, such as computers, scanners, document management software, servers, electronic workflows, and cloud computing, which combine to create a digital environment [...]

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Signs Your Organization Needs Document Management

If your business is like most, you still rely on paper documents in your day-to-day operations. However, many companies are benefiting from converting these documents into digital versions and working with them electronically through document management. Are paper documents bogging down your workflows and business processes, while hampering your regulatory compliance? To determine whether it’s [...]

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Getting the Most out of Your Document Management Solution

While all document management solutions are not the same, there are best practices you can apply to each of them to help get the most out of the one you choose. Know your documents, processes, and workflows — To ensure your document management solution is properly configured and meets your needs, it’s essential that you know [...]

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