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Why the MFP is the MVP of So Many Offices

The multifunction printer (MFP) is an invaluable solution for so many businesses, providing an impressive one-two punch of: Big Savings – By replacing multiple devices with one MFP your company will realize savings in the form of: Money – While an MFP costs more than a single-purpose printer, it will cost you significantly less than multiple singlefunction [...]

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Why Your Business Should Switch from Landline to VoIP

Technology has certainly changed the way we communicate in business, but the telephone remains a constant in the day-to-day operations of the modern office. You’re sure to see a telephone on the vast majority of desks in any workplace you survey. However, while we still make phone calls in the course of doing business, the [...]

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Cost-per-Page: How to Quantify Your Printing Costs

Despite the fact that much of the way we conduct business these days is done digitally, companies large and small still rely on printing. In fact, it’s a bigger expense than you would imagine—research shows the average company spends one to three percent of its total annual revenue on print expenses. With this much of [...]