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Your Experienced Professionals for Document Conversions of All Shapes & Sizes

IMR Digital, a KDI Company, is your leading provider of document scanning, imaging and indexing services. Acquired by KDI in April 2019, IMR Digital has offered a wide range of file and document conversion services since 1978.

From Large Format Scanning to Documents and Files and Specialty Scanning, IMR Digital can assist with all your conversion needs. Our 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art production facility in West Hazleton, PA is fully equipped with cutting-edge conversion and scanning technology capable of handling all types of documents. Our professional conversion service eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive scanning equipment and frees your employees from the labor-intensive task of converting paper documents to digital format.

High Speed to Large Format - We've Got It All

IMR Digital’s production facility is adept at processing digital conversions for all types and sizes of documents. Our production center is equipped with scanning and conversion machinery capable of handling everything from high-speed processing of standard pages and large format drawings to microfilm and specialty books. Our team of skilled conversion technicians meticulously prepares every paper document prior to conversion.

IMR Digital Conversion Services

  • Aperture, Microfilm, Microfiche: Our knowledgeable staff can convert all types of documents to 16mm or 35mm microfilm. Or from microfilm to digital. Whether you are looking to convert 8.5” x 11” business documents or oversized historical documents, we understand the conversion quality requirements for archival and historical purposes. Learn More >
  • Files and Documents: IMR Digital’s professional document conversion service eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive scanning equipment and frees your employees from the labor intensive task of converting paper documents to digital format. Learn More >
  • Large Format Scanning: IMR Digital’s state-of-the-art production center is equipped to handle scanning and conversion of all types of large format documents. Our large format, rotary scanning equipment can accommodate up to 42 inches in width and 8 feet in length. Full color, high-resolution (300 DPI) scans can be created in digital or microfilm format. Learn More >
  • Publication Scanning: Whether you’ve got book shelves full of irreplaceable historical records, storage crammed with years of magazine back issues or dusty paper newspaper archives, you’re just one broken water pipe or electrical fire away from disaster. For over three decades, IMR Digital has been helping organizations protect and preserve their valuable publications. Learn More >
  • Scan On Demand: Most organizations have large amounts of information stored in paper form, often in boxes or file cabinets that are not well organized or clearly labeled. Legal, accounting and regulatory requirements demand that you retain the files, but, if you ever do need to refer to them, finding the right file is next to impossible. Learn More >
  • Specialty Scanning: From (machine A that does A) to (machine B that does B), IMR Digital’s production facility is equipped to process digital conversions for all types of specialty document. Talk with our conversion specialist to discover how we can convert your paper documents into digital format. Learn More >

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