Document Management


Every business today is faced with the challenge of accessing, controlling, and managing their files and filing systems. Whether your company uses a traditional paper filing system or electronic files, it can be frustrating and time consuming to deal with manual, decentralized search methods. From entry level to enterprise, KDI provides custom content management solutions to improve document workflow, approval processes, and productivity.

We assist with storing, managing, and tracking your organizations’ paper and electronic documents, even replacing paper forms with electronic versions. Let us help you capture, index, store, and retrieve all your critical information with ease.

Document Management will dramatically improves efficiencies by:

  • Replacing time-consuming filing and searching with a convenient library of electronic information.
  • Accessing documents immediately and easily from your desk.
  • Complying with increased security and records retention requirements.
  • Improving customer service response time with instant document retrieval.
  • Creating a backup for critical documents, ensuring a disaster recovery plan.
  • Securing data by only allowing authorized users access.
  • Eliminating the need for space-consuming and costly file cabinets.
  • Saving paper by reading documents from your computer screen instead of printing.
  • Eliminating the risk in losing paper files.
  • Improving ability to audit documents.