In a recent Twitter poll, we asked our followers about their most challenging aspect of working from home. 50% responded, “accessing paper or electronic files located in the office.” If you’re feeling similar pains, we can help.

For over 40 years, IMR Digital, a KDI company, has been the leading provider of digital content and information management. Our expertise with document scanning, imaging, and indexing has helped businesses, governmental agencies, and educational institutions maximize productivity, savings, and security.

With Digital Content & Information Management, you can:

  • Transform your cumbersome paper documents into easily-accessible, digital formats.
  • Remotely access all your business-critical data, digital files, and hardcopy documents securely.
  • Search and access all your information anywhere at any time through a cloud-based repository.
  • Streamline and automate business processes.
  • improve the flow of information within your organization.

Generating digital files of your hard copy records through document conversion is the first step. It’s also a proactive measure in facilitating a disaster-recovery plan for the future. We’re ready to help. Interested in learning more? Contact your KDI Representative today or get in touch here.