As the coronavirus (COVID-19) unfolds in our region, we want to share with you exactly what we are doing to ensure top-level and safe service for you and your employees. Here at KDI Office Technology, our commitment during the outbreak is to keep your office workflows moving forward while maintaining the safety and health of your staff.

First and foremost, KDI is open for business and has taken proactive measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Each of our team members has been educated about the gravity of this matter and the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) basic protective measures. As a company, we are abiding by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) guidance for workplace safety to assure containment and to prevent exposure. Our delivery crews are abiding by our high-level sanitation protocol, and all equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before entering your business.

KDI is Committed to Service!

KDI anticipates service will remain intact throughout this pandemic.

Our first response to any customer service or IT-related issue will be to remote in by network or call in by phone to resolve the issue you are experiencing. Our success rate is relatively high utilizing these very safe methods.

If an onsite service call should be required, we ask that you share your organizations’ expectations or concerns with our onsite team member. When the service call is complete, we will wipe your machine down with disinfectant.

All deliveries, set-up, and training will be conducted with numerous sanitary measures. All equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before entering into any facility. The delivery crew will also maintain the same, high-level sanitation protocol. Onsite delivery personnel entering your facility will be kept to an absolute minimum. We will make every effort to network connect your new equipment remotely. Equipment training can be conducted remotely or onsite if required.

KDI is currently equipped to remotely host any meeting with clients as needed. Effective immediately, we have implemented a Go-to-Meeting Strategy so appointments can be handled remotely. All paperwork will also be handled electronically via email eSign.

If you prefer an in-person meeting, we will limit the number of participants on our end to only those absolutely essential. If you are currently interacting with a KDI Representative, you will be informed of all meeting options.

To schedule a meeting, please contact your representative or call our office and we will help to plan accordingly. 800.537.4613

Many customers have requested help with developing their work from home strategies. KDI is more than capable of assisting any organization with products and services designed to facilitate employees working from home.

Some organizations have taken advantage of KDI Voice, a work-from-home strategy that gives our customers peace of mind by enabling employees to maintain strong communications with customers, partners, and internal resources while working remotely. This can be achieved with or without replacing your current phone system.

To assist you during this difficult time, KDI offers an excellent lease with zero payment for the first three months, no money down, and no security deposit.

We are taking this matter very seriously, as the health, safety, and wellbeing of our customers and team is our top priority. In the coming weeks and months, we will adjust our policies and practices if necessary, in accordance with the guidelines set by the WHO and CDC, as well as government-issued restrictions. Internally, we are set up and conducting business remotely wherever possible. We are also limiting employee social interaction.

Emergency contingency planning has also been completed internally. KDI is fully prepared to ensure continued support with minimal impact to our customers. We have taken very important, precautionary steps regarding Sales, Delivery, Service, and Onsite Training.

If we can help you in any way, please let us know. Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns through our KDI Customer Care email address: CustomerCare@kdi-inc.com. Our team is closely monitoring all customer inquiries and will respond promptly.

– Rick Salcedo, KDI Office Technology President/CEO




KDI is here to assist with the challenges you may be facing. You can count on us for a wide range of solutions – for any sized company – without adding a financial burden. Our goal is to help make the coming weeks as easy as possible by providing customizable incentives that can be bundled to fit your needs. How we can help?

YOU CHOOSE! Which works best for you?

Up to 6 months with little to no lease payments.

  • No money down. No security deposit. $0 upfront.
  • First full 3 months, $0 monthly lease payment.
  • 3-Month Easy Step Lease: first 3 months @ $99/month, then regular monthly lease payment.
  • Low-Cost Lease Financing with up to 72-month term.
  • Up to 0% Financing.
  • 3 Months Free Content Management Solutions.
  • 5 Hours Free IT Time with purchase of a 20-hour block or more.

Already in a high-payment, fixed-lease or contract with a different vendor? We can help!


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BONUS: Every order through the end of September will receive a 20% credit (up to $2000) to be used for Supplies, Service, Document Conversion, Business Process Outsourcing, or IT Time. Your Choice.

With offices currently unoccupied, it’s also a great time to consider equipment upgrades without disruption to employees. KDI is open and here to support our community in any way possible. CONTACT US!

*Relief Incentives are subject to credit and management approval. Summer Relief Incentives expire 9/30/20.​​​​​


As more employees are working remotely, access to business-critical data and documents can become more difficult. KDI and IMR Digital are here with technology solutions to ensure you can continue to provide the product and services you offer. We will keep you up and running to ensure business continuity. Let us know how we can help.


Fully certified IT staff and Network Operations Center to provide helpdesk and troubleshooting as well as set up for remote access to your critical systems.

Access to all your business-critical data, digital files, and hardcopy documents, securely. Search and access all your information anywhere at any time. Streamline and automate business processes. We facilitate the flow of information within your organization, maximizing productivity, savings, and security.

Automate the intake, verification, and digital conversion of your incoming mail. We pick up the mail, open it, scan it, and ingest digitally back to you in your platforms.

Streamline your accounts payable. Image and convert incoming vendor invoices and implement electronic invoice processing, data capture, and accounts payable automation using your current technology infrastructure.

Remotely send your electronic files or print streams to us. We print high-speed, high-volume black-and-white or color prints and ship or provide courier delivery. We also digitize existing wide format drawings and send back via secure FTP or your preferred method.

Enable employees to continue maintaining strong communications with customers, partners, and internal resources while working remotely. We offer a work from home program that can be achieved with or without replacing your current phone system. ​

How can we help? Contact your KDI Representative or click to Get in touch.