Tips to Increase Your Odds of Success

Posted on 08/07/2015

By using the brain’s natural tendencies to your advantage, you can actually influence other people's responses and decisions. Here are several tips to increase your odds of success in both business and social settings.  

Remember that silence is golden. Silence often gets a bad rap for being “awkward,” but remaining silent can be used to your advantage. Don’t feel pressured to fill the void when you ask someone a question and they are slow to respond. Silence implores people to speak, so keep your lips sealed and wait for a response. You will usually get a more favorable outcome. This is a great tool in negotiations.

Open your hands to establish trust. Open palms make people more likely to trust you or agree with you. Whether you're using open hands during a discussion to demonstrate you’ve done all you can do, or as you’re guiding someone into an office, this simple gesture makes you seem more friendly and likeable. 

Balance eye contact. Locking eyes 100% of the time comes off as hostile at best, and creepy at worst. Balance eye contact with brief pauses in your gaze to appear interested, but not aggressive.  

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