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1. Laser vs. Inkjet: Which Printer Is Best for Your Needs?

Selecting a new printer for your office requires some homework on your part, as there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. First and foremost—before you even get to manufacturers, models, or features—is the decision whether to opt for a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Determining which of these printing technologies is right for your office comes down to your needs and what matters most to you. Consider the following: 

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2. How Much is Outdated Technology Costing Your Business?

Here are some of the reasons why relying on outdated technology can cost your business.

Security: Outdated technology will ultimately result in security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, putting businesses at risk. Older systems are often unsupported, leaving updated security patches unavailable for them. 

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3. Be Proactive with Managed IT

As technology becomes increasingly more vital to a wide variety of businesses spanning across industries, organizations rely on IT to stay competitive in today’s market. Computer hardware, software, and networking are critical to the daily operation of offices around the world. If you need proof of this, just ask yourself how much work is done in your office when your systems are down? More importantly, how much money does a downed network cost you?

When it comes to IT for businesses, downtime means money is lost. So, it makes fiscal sense to mitigate technology breakdowns. Unfortunately, most companies choose to be reactive when it comes to their IT management, rather than being proactive. By its nature, a reactive approach responds to issues after the fact, once the damage already is done. Imagine if you took the opposite approach: instead of waiting for a tech problem to rear its ugly head, your IT provider constantly monitors and assesses your environment, looking to prevent problems from happening in the first place. 


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4. Document Management: Essential Best Practices to Ensure Success

The explosion of digital technology has provided countless benefits to today’s businesses. With Document Management, you have unprecedented power to manage, store, and access your digital business documents. Following a few best practices will ensure that you make the most of your investment in a Document Management solution.

Develop a smart metadata strategy — Not unlike paper documents, without a smart system, digital documents can become unwieldy piles of data. With Document Management, accessing a document is facilitated by what it is, rather than where it is. This means that each file should have all pertinent data properly indexed in order to be found, such as customer identification, dates, project names, and other keywords. Systems with smart, relevant metadata strategies make it easy to search, display, and organize documents. 

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5. Phishing Scams Just Got Smarter: Tips to Protect Your Business

What if your company accountant receives an urgent, time-sensitive email from your chief executive officer (CEO) requesting a transfer of funds for an acquisition? The prefix and domain of the email address are correct, suggesting its legitimacy, but your CEO isn’t answering the phone to verify the transfer. What do you do? 

This latest phishing scam, known as a Business Email Compromise (BEC), is taking its toll on businesses with foreign suppliers who regularly make wire transfer payments. So, how do you protect your business from BEC phishing scams? Here are a few things to consider. 

Educate Employees – Teach your team how to recognize phishing emails.  

Leverage Technology – Make sure your IT team has taken the appropriate steps to filter out spam emails from your chosen platform. 

Strengthen Financial Protocols – Ensure that two-step verification processes are in place for all wire transfers. 

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