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1. Document Management Makes Life Easier for SMBs

Staying organized in a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) can be difficult. SMBs frequently struggle matching workload demands with the number of employees they have on hand, which oftentimes leads to clerical errors and disorganization. But, did you know that staying organized with tools like document management software can actually save you time and money? Here are a few key ways document management makes life for SMBs easier.  

Streamlines Records – Forget about figuring out where to place another file cabinet and ditch your storage unit—and the invoices that come with it. With document management, you reduce the amount of physical storage needed to maintain records. Better still, the software is designed to help you remain compliant, so you don’t have to worry about your next audit. 

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2. The Future of Office Printing Is...

As much as companies today are working towards a “paperless” office, a recent study by InfoTrends indicates that office printing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In surveying 750 general office workers in the US, the UK, Spain, and Brazil, InfoTrends discovered that 81 percent of respondents considered the printer the most important office tool—more than pens, staplers, or even computers!  

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3. The Value of an MPS Assessment

Having an understanding of your print environment and its associated costs through a Managed Print Services (MPS) assessment is the first step to streamlining your fleet, maximizing efficiency, and decreasing spending by up to six percent of your annual revenue.

Collect: In an assessment, your chosen vendor will gather and review usage data for each of the devices in your fleet. Standard operational information is collected, and this type of usage data helps your provider perform a cost analysis to determine how much printing costs your business.

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