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1. Paper May Be Bad for Trees, but It Has Its Benefits

Many of us feel obligated to be more eco-friendly these days. As a result, we believe printing has no place in the modern world, especially with the alternative that digital provides us. However, deeper consideration reveals the use of paper has a number of positive impacts that we cannot ignore.

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2. Piles of Paper Have No Place in the Modern Office

Have you considered how holding on to paper could be hurting your business? Here’s why: 

Lack of Security - Paper storage is vulnerable to a multitude of threats. From fire and water damage to theft and loss, protecting, securing, and keeping track of a physical piece of paper is not easy. 

Lack of Flexibility - Physical documents exist in one, unadaptable form that only can be shared via multiple copies. Digital documents are the easiest way to ensure your files can go where they need to safely and can be worked on easily by multiple people simultaneously. 

Added Expense - According to Risk Management Magazine, the average employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year, and between capturing and storing data on paper, businesses spend over $30 billion annually. 

Contact us today to learn about our solution for digitizing your documents and eliminating piles of paper from your organization. 

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