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1. Maximize Your ROI: Document Management Best Practices

Your business has already turned to document management to eliminate paper from your office. You’re now realizing the many benefits of storing, archiving, and managing documents and files digitally, improving both efficiency and productivity within your organization. But are you sure you are maximizing your return on investment (ROI)? Here are the best practices you should follow to ensure you maximize the ROI from your document management solution. 

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2. Document Management: Essential Best Practices to Ensure Success

The explosion of digital technology has provided countless benefits to today’s businesses. With Document Management, you have unprecedented power to manage, store, and access your digital business documents. Following a few best practices will ensure that you make the most of your investment in a Document Management solution.

Develop a smart metadata strategy — Not unlike paper documents, without a smart system, digital documents can become unwieldy piles of data. With Document Management, accessing a document is facilitated by what it is, rather than where it is. This means that each file should have all pertinent data properly indexed in order to be found, such as customer identification, dates, project names, and other keywords. Systems with smart, relevant metadata strategies make it easy to search, display, and organize documents. 

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