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1. Signs Your Organization Needs Document Management

If your business is like most, you still rely on paper documents in your day-to-day operations. However, many companies are benefiting from converting these documents into digital versions and working with them electronically through document management. Are paper documents bogging down your workflows and business processes, while hampering your regulatory compliance? To determine whether it’s time for your organization to implement a document management solution, here are some of the warning signs to be aware of.

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2. Getting the Most out of Your Document Management Solution

While all document management solutions are not the same, there are best practices you can apply to each of them to help get the most out of the one you choose.

Know your documents, processes, and workflows — To ensure your document management solution is properly configured and meets your needs, it’s essential that you know your documents and how they are utilized within your processes and workflows. The average company has a wide variety of documents stored in different places, so it’s important to have a solid understanding of your files and forms.

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3. Why Shred? Surprising Benefits of Document Shredding

Shred to avoid penalties. Your business could be subject to financial penalties if you don’t take the proper measures to protect the personal information of your employees, clients, and vendors. Shredding (especially cross-cut shredding) is the gold standard for the disposal of paper documents to prevent fines.

Shred to meet compliance. Federal and industry-specific regulations dictate how businesses must protect personal data. 

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