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1. Why MPS Is a Sound Investment for Your Company

Businesses of all sizes across the world are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS), a solution by which a company's document output is outsourced and managed by an external provider. Market-research firm Transparency Global Research reports the global market for MPS will register a strong compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.8 percent through 2024. And with good reason: according to The Gartner Group, adopting an MPS program—including printing fleet optimization efforts—typically saves an organization 30 percent on its print-related costs. Savings like these are no small financial windfall, as according to International Data Corporation (IDC), the average business eats up anywhere between 5 percent and 15 percent of its annual revenue on document costs.

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2. How Workflow Automation Can Change Your Business for the Better

When it comes to workflow, automation isn’t about replacing people, it’s about helping people. What could you accomplish if you didn’t have to respond to 20 percent of the emails that you receive? How would your day change if you weren’t required to go through eight tedious steps to finalize just one sale? What if you could have real-time statistics without having to run any numbers yourself? Would you have time to be more creative? Would you finally be able to implement that back-burnered idea? How would your business change? 

Embracing automation is about putting key tools into place. Here are a few reasons to implement workflow automation software. 

Streamline communication – Automation software is designed to compile all of your daily communication into one centralized location. Access an email from last week to compare to yesterday’s memo on one handy dashboard. You’ll save time—and ultimately money—by implementing automation software into your communication streams, and you’ll never have to worry about misfiling an email.

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3. MPS: What Can it Really Do for You?

By now, you’ve probably heard about MPS (Managed Print Services), but you might still wonder how it can impact and improve your business in tangible ways. Here are three of the biggest benefits MPS provides.

#1: MPS lowers operating costs. 
If you’re not sure how much you’re spending on printing, you’re not alone. But chances are you’re spending more than you need to. Unmanaged print environments leak business funds and create waste. Printing expenses account for more than just your cost-per-page. When you consider costs for hardware, ink, toner, paper, and the often-overlooked cost of employee time to maintain your devices, it becomes clear that printing expenses should be managed and controlled. MPS can reduce your overall printing expenses by as much as 30 percent and puts you back in control of how much you spend. 

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