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1. Wide Format Printers - What You Need to Know

As with most technology, wide format printers have evolved over the years, increasing their value as everyday office tools. Some recent advancements in wide format printing include:

Print speed - While wide format printers enable users to print in sizes not available with traditional printers, this freedom comes at a cost: speed. However, modern wide format machines are faster than ever and are no longer the lumbering devices their predecessors were.

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2. Why Businesses Entrust VoIP for Their Phone Systems

Why is it that companies are eschewing traditional phone systems in favor of VoIP systems, making it an industry standard? 

Lower Costs
VoIP systems are much more cost effective, as there is no need to invest in expensive hardware. Your cost-per-call is significantly reduced, with even long distance phone calls costing you less.

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3. No End In Sight for the Printer

When it comes to the workplace, it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Particularly when it comes to office equipment. Despite all of the advancements in the office technology arena, seemingly antiquated devices, such as the fax machine, remain a valuable asset even in the modern office. Similarly, the venerable printer has not only managed to survive as part of our everyday workflow—staving off the long-predicted paperless office—but it shows no signs of becoming obsolete any time soon.

Why has the printer survived in the digital age of doing business, and will it remain for decades to come? Consider the following:

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