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1. How to Smoothly Transition Your Company to New Software Platforms

New software programs can have a tremendous impact on efficiency and productivity in your office. They offer exciting new features that can optimize your workflows, improve customer service, and make the lives of your employees easier. However, making the switch can be difficult; after all, change often comes with a learning curve, as well as resistance by employees who are used to a particular way of doing things. The latter can manifest itself in employee pushback or uproar, which will inhibit buy-in on their part and prevent you from experiencing the benefits of modern, effective software.

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2. Getting the Most out of Your Document Management Solution

While all document management solutions are not the same, there are best practices you can apply to each of them to help get the most out of the one you choose.

Know your documents, processes, and workflows — To ensure your document management solution is properly configured and meets your needs, it’s essential that you know your documents and how they are utilized within your processes and workflows. The average company has a wide variety of documents stored in different places, so it’s important to have a solid understanding of your files and forms.

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3. Streamline Business Processes by Automating Document Workflows

In the so-called ‘Digital Age,’ it’s remarkable to think that so many businesses are still utilizing manual, redundant tasks in their operations. This is particularly curious when it comes to the continued use of paper documents in workflows. While documents remain an integral part of business processes, organizations continuing to work with them in paper form rather than digital or electronic versions are turning their back on technology, which offers upgrades to efficiency and productivity. By simply automating your workflows with the help of a document management solution, you can stop shuffling paper and streamline your business processes.

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4. Why MPS is a Critical Component of Risk Management

It’s your responsibility to manage risk in your company, and one area in particular you simply can’t afford to overlook security in is your print environment. Whether you process receipts or cut checks, print confidential reports or manage HIPAA-protected records, Managed Print Services (MPS) is an essential part of a healthy risk management strategy. Here are a few reasons why MPS should be considered when developing your business’ risk management plan.

Workflow Integration - With MPS, you’ll be provided with tools to seamlessly integrate documents into your existing workflows, improving both security and efficiency. Sensitive incoming documents can be digitally captured with a scanner and then shredded at the same workstation, all while your financial team can print checks from a secure location. 

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5. Improve Workflows by Updating Your Wide Format Printer

Consider the following ways that updating your wide format printer can improve your company’s workflows.

End the supply hunt – An updated wide format printer will ensure the availability of modern consumables and put an end to the time-wasting hunt for the right supplies.

Delete errors, stalls, and bugs – By refreshing printer drivers and firmware, you can make sure that you avoid unnecessary crashes, glitches, and headaches.

Stop waiting – Updating your wide format printer will eliminate unproductive time spent waiting on devices and printouts, providing the outputs you need, when you need them.

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6. Ensure MPS Success with These Tips

Managed Print Services (MPS) is catching on—fast. In the never-ending attempt to gain a competitive edge and maximize profits, small- to medium-sized businesses understand the value that MPS adds to their companies. 

Those who have employed MPS have seen a tremendous return on their investment, with the latest data showing that the service can cut document-related costs by up to 30 percent. Moreover, businesses can rely on their MPS provider to take care of streamlining print fleets, monitoring networks for use and performance, finding solutions to issues that may arise, and providing replacement consumables on time.
If you’ve recently introduced MPS to your business, or are considering doing so in the future, it’s important to ensure you are making the most of your services. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

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7. How Workflow Automation Can Change Your Business for the Better

When it comes to workflow, automation isn’t about replacing people, it’s about helping people. What could you accomplish if you didn’t have to respond to 20 percent of the emails that you receive? How would your day change if you weren’t required to go through eight tedious steps to finalize just one sale? What if you could have real-time statistics without having to run any numbers yourself? Would you have time to be more creative? Would you finally be able to implement that back-burnered idea? How would your business change? 

Embracing automation is about putting key tools into place. Here are a few reasons to implement workflow automation software. 

Streamline communication – Automation software is designed to compile all of your daily communication into one centralized location. Access an email from last week to compare to yesterday’s memo on one handy dashboard. You’ll save time—and ultimately money—by implementing automation software into your communication streams, and you’ll never have to worry about misfiling an email.

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8. Gain Control of Your Document Workflow

In most businesses, the creation, handling, and storage of documents are processes that don’t run nearly as smoothly as they should. Manual, paper-related tasks slow things down and cause inefficiencies. Does your company suffer from workflow-related problems as a result of paper-heavy business processes? 

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9. Choosing the Right Managed IT Partner

Having a dedicated staff to analyze IT investments is becoming increasingly necessary among businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, finding a managed IT provider is a big task. With the wrong one, you will end up right where you started. However, productivity and workflow can flourish with the right partner.

For the best possible results, ask these questions when choosing a managed IT provider:

Are you familiar with my industry? This is a simple question that often gets overlooked in the name of convenience. Remember that a managed IT provider will make your life simpler, but the process of finding the right one takes careful planning. Be sure this potential provider is familiar with your workflow style. ​

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