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1. How to Smoothly Transition Your Company to New Software Platforms

New software programs can have a tremendous impact on efficiency and productivity in your office. They offer exciting new features that can optimize your workflows, improve customer service, and make the lives of your employees easier. However, making the switch can be difficult; after all, change often comes with a learning curve, as well as resistance by employees who are used to a particular way of doing things. The latter can manifest itself in employee pushback or uproar, which will inhibit buy-in on their part and prevent you from experiencing the benefits of modern, effective software.

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2. Grow Your Small Business with Cloud Services

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), building an information technology (IT) infrastructure can be a daunting task. Most SMBs have limited resources and a lack of expertise on-hand to implement the complex and ever-changing technologies that are needed to keep up in today's fast-paced business environments. Fortunately, cloud service offerings are available that can specifically help SMBs accomplish their IT-related goals. Here are a few of the cloud services developed for SMBs to manage your growing business.

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3. New Year, New Software: The Case for Updating

There are some serious benefits to be reaped—and major consequences to avoid—that should encourage you to update your business software this new year. 

Here are a few reasons that justify updating your company’s software. 

Save time – With new software in place, your entire team can work steadily without disruptions or fear of technical difficulties for the foreseeable future.

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