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1. Remote Workforce & Business Continuity Solutions

As more employees are working remotely, access to business-critical data and documents can become more difficult. KDI and IMR Digital are here with technology solutions to ensure you can continue to provide the product and services you offer. We will keep you up and running to ensure business continuity.

Information System Support & Remote Access
Fully certified IT staff and Network Operations Center to provide helpdesk and troubleshooting as well as set up for remote access to your critical systems.

Digital Content & Information Management
Access to all your business-critical data, digital files, and hardcopy documents, securely. Search and access all your information anywhere at any time. Streamline and automate business processes. We facilitate the flow of information within your organization, maximizing productivity, savings, and security.

Tags: covid-19, coronavirus, remote workforce, Remote Monitoring, business continuity
2. Managed Service Solutions

The ability to remotely monitor networks, PCs, printers, copiers and multifunctional products, when infused with the expertise of managed service providers, enables organizations to prevent network issues. Staff productivity is increased and security risks are decreased through various disaster and preventative tools. Servers, PCs and all other integral components of the network can be proactively monitored and data backups are monitored and validated. Desktops are managed with anti-virus and spyware detection tools and patches applied proactively. ​

Tags: Spy-ware, Anti-Virus, Remote Monitoring, Managed Services

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