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1. Printer Features to Maximize Your ROI

Modern printers have come a long way from their significantly more humble predecessors. In addition to improved speed and quality, today’s devices boast a plethora of beneficial features to help you optimize your organization’s workflows, protect your information, and reduce your environmental impact. From finishing to security to connectivity to two-sided printing/scanning, there’s no shortage of features beyond simple printing, copying, or scanning to help you do business. 

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2. Maximize Your ROI: Document Management Best Practices

Your business has already turned to document management to eliminate paper from your office. You’re now realizing the many benefits of storing, archiving, and managing documents and files digitally, improving both efficiency and productivity within your organization. But are you sure you are maximizing your return on investment (ROI)? Here are the best practices you should follow to ensure you maximize the ROI from your document management solution. 

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3. Financial Benefits of Managed IT

Managed IT Services can encompass everything from preventive monitoring and disaster recovery, to remote network management and cloud computing—and much more. All of these components present incredible value to businesses, but many companies hesitate to add IT services out of concern over cost justification. However, research suggests that integrating Managed IT can present substantial financial benefits for your business in a relatively short period of time. 

Consider the following financial benefits of incorporating Managed IT services into your current business model. 

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4. Grow Your Business this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again. It’s often one of the busiest times of the year, but can also be one of the most productive times for business growth. Here are some strategies to help your business make the most of the holidays:

Plan strategically. The holidays are a great time to grow your business, but they come and go very quickly. If you haven’t already come up with a list of holiday goals, now is the time to do some planning, even if you just map out the basics. Who do you want to reach out to, and how can you encourage that group to give you their business during the holidays?



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