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1. Why the MFP is the MVP of So Many Offices

The multifunction printer (MFP) is an invaluable solution for so many businesses, providing an impressive one-two punch of:

Big Savings – By replacing multiple devices with one MFP your company will realize savings in the form of:

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2. PRESS RELEASE: Well Fargo Center and KDI Office Technology Extend Their Partnership for Another 5 Years

Aston, PA - Wells Fargo Center and KDI Office Technology, the fastest growing, independent office technology provider in the mid-Atlantic region, have reached a new multi-year agreement, adding an additional 5 years to their previous partnership. KDI supplies the office technology Wells Fargo Center in their central production department to produce all the necessary documents, signage, and marketing material required for events.

As one of the highest volume event venues in the country, Wells Fargo has very tight, demanding deadlines, all of which operate smoothly and efficiently on the equipment KDI maintains. “Every piece of office equipment you see on site is from KDI,” says Don Schatzman, KDI President. “From Canon multi-function printers, copiers, scanners and software to an innovative document workflow management, UniFLOW by Canon, KDI proudly manages it all.”

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3. Office Technology: Should You Buy or Lease?

Should you buy or lease your next printer? Which option makes more sense for your company comes down to a number of factors. 

Purchasing a new printer outright requires a significant capital investment up front that many small businesses are not in a position to make. However, by doing so you’ll realize lower yearly costs compared to leasing when you factor in interest and finance charges, as well as be free of debt and monthly lease payments. That said, when you own a printer any maintenance issues are your responsibility unless you have a warranty or sign up for a maintenance plan upon purchase.

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4. No End In Sight for the Printer

When it comes to the workplace, it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Particularly when it comes to office equipment. Despite all of the advancements in the office technology arena, seemingly antiquated devices, such as the fax machine, remain a valuable asset even in the modern office. Similarly, the venerable printer has not only managed to survive as part of our everyday workflow—staving off the long-predicted paperless office—but it shows no signs of becoming obsolete any time soon.

Why has the printer survived in the digital age of doing business, and will it remain for decades to come? Consider the following:

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5. Leasing vs. Buying: What's the Best Choice for Your Business?

Benefits of Leasing:

With leasing, there is no capital expenditure required, and it’s the more affordable option on a monthly basis. Smaller upfront costs mean you have more cash to invest back into your business. Your leased equipment is also a tax deductible expense. Leasing agreements are also flexible when it comes to upgrades, making it easy to swap devices for newer technology as your needs change. Finally, equipment leases often include standard maintenance agreements, to ensure your device is cared for over the course of your lease. 

Benefits of Buying:

The full purchase price of your equipment is tax deductible. You can deduct the complete cost of your equipment in the first year, or you can spread it out over several years. Buying is also an easier process since you don’t have to worry about lease contracts or provide any financial information. And once you own your equipment, you can decide how to maintain it, who services it, and where to buy your consumables. Although buying does require an up-front investment, it also means you usually end up paying less in the long run when compared to leasing.  

Contact KDI today and we’ll help you navigate the buying or leasing process. 

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