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1. Ending Your Meetings Right

Your meetings should produce results, not just small talk. If your meetings seem unproductive, utilize these tips to ensure your meetings have follow-through. 

Ask for alignment: Ask, “Is everyone OK with where we ended up?” This is a simple step and will bring any questions or concerns to the forefront. The idea isn’t to confirm agreement from all individuals, but to make sure everyone understands what was discussed and the direction the team will be taking. 

Confirm next steps: Too often meetings end without clear direction regarding what each person will do going forward. Verbally state—and also include in meeting minutes—what needs to be accomplished before the next meeting. This includes specific projects, commitments, deadlines, and follow-up items. 

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2. Tips to Win the Name Game

Consistently remembering names can be a beneficial way for you to distinguish yourself from other business connections. Next time you need to remember a name, give these tips a try. 

• Ask again. Just be honest. If you can’t remember someone’s name after being introduced, ask for it again. If it’s a unique name or one you don’t recognize, ask its origin or how it’s spelled so you can write it down later.  

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3. When Saying Nothing is the Right Decision

Here are a few instances in business when the smartest thing to say is nothing.

When you’ve just asked a question. Whether in a meeting or on a customer call, instead of leaping to answer your own question, wait to hear input from the other side. Even if they are slow about it, give them a few moments to think and respond.

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4. Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

It is estimated that there are 11 million meetings in America each day. However, many professionals don’t know how to properly conduct themselves while in a business meeting, so, avoid these common meeting mistakes in the future:

Not respecting others’ time – There are not enough hours in the work day. Respect the time of others by being in your seat at the scheduled time. And don’t make meetings longer than they have to be by discussing your vacation or last night’s game. That’s what water coolers are for.

Not waiting your turn – Interrupting colleagues, clients, or co-workers is disrespectful and unprofessional. Allow others the opportunity to speak and voice their opinions.

Not exhibiting decorum – A meeting is not the time or place for blue humor or dirty jokes. Nor is it an appropriate venue for profanity or unprofessional behavior. Keep it clean and act like a professional.

Not giving people your attention – Smartphones make it too easy for us to become distracted and tune out everyone else in the room. Not to mention it’s rude to ignore someone who is speaking. Eliminate temptation by turning it off.

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