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1. The Value of an MPS Assessment

Having an understanding of your print environment and its associated costs through a Managed Print Services (MPS) assessment is the first step to streamlining your fleet, maximizing efficiency, and decreasing spending by up to six percent of your annual revenue.

Collect: In an assessment, your chosen vendor will gather and review usage data for each of the devices in your fleet. Standard operational information is collected, and this type of usage data helps your provider perform a cost analysis to determine how much printing costs your business.

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2. Cloud Storage: How to Maximize Cloud Potential and Protect Business Data

How can you make the most out of cloud storage, while maintaining strict security standards concerning your business data? Here’s a quick overview:

Optimize Your Cloud – Cloud computing allows for continual collaboration across systems, making all of your business data available to your team regardless of physical location. Files stored in the cloud are automatically updated, or synced, across all devices, ensuring that the most recent version of your document is available at all times. When it comes to data backup, cloud services simplify the process through automation. Also, cloud storage services should be scalable, so that you only pay for the storage space you use. 

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3. The High Cost of Data Security Leaks

Data security leaks come in all shapes and sizes. Many are malicious, whereas others are the result of human error. Regardless of the source or intent, data leaks can be tremendously detrimental to businesses. Consider these findings when assessing just how important data protection actually is:

• Malicious intent is on the rise. Previously, most data leaks resulted from of human error or system glitches. According to Ponemon Institute’s 2013 "Cost of Data Breach Study", 41 percent of data leaks are now criminal attacks, as opposed to 33 percent for human error, and 26 percent for system glitches.

• Criminal attacks cost more. If it wasn’t enough that malicious attacks are now more common than ever, they are also far more costly. A record lost on behalf of a criminal attack will cost, on average, $277. 

• Preparation is key. Having a built-in system for data leaks can reduce the cost of a compromised record by as much as $42. Furthermore, reaching out to an outside source for assistance with a breach response can reduce your costs by an average of $13 per compromised record. Be sure to have a plan in place should such an incident arise. 

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