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1. Trade Micromanagement for Trust

Try these tips to help you let go of the details and focus on the bigger picture, with the added bonus of building trust with your team. 

Ask Your Staff - The only way you can get a sense of the scope of the effects of micromanagement is to ask your staff. Taking the time to ask the opinions of your team is trust-building, as it shows that you value their input. Anonymity is key when asking for honest opinions of the people whose paychecks you sign, so it may be a good idea to hire a third party to survey your staff. 

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2. How to Overcome Productivity Pains

Between smartphones, the Internet, and office gossip, there are no shortage of distractions in the office. Here are some tips to keep you focused and productive throughout the work day. 

• Schedule breaks. It’s important to take a few breaks during the day to stretch your legs and recharge your mental batteries. Just make sure breaks have defined times to begin and end. 

• Decorate right. Research shows that white walls are a productivity killer. Paint your office in an appealing color, like a shade of blue or green, to spark creativity and innovation, or add in a few plants or art pieces. 

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3. Improve Your Company Culture

Here are some tips to create a company culture that represents your employees’ interests, as well as the foundation of your business.  

Encourage a Shared Vision – It’s important that all team members are on the same page when it comes to growing and shaping your business. As motivational speaker Simon Sinek implores, “Hire people who believe what you believe in.” 

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4. When Saying Nothing is the Right Decision

Here are a few instances in business when the smartest thing to say is nothing.

When you’ve just asked a question. Whether in a meeting or on a customer call, instead of leaping to answer your own question, wait to hear input from the other side. Even if they are slow about it, give them a few moments to think and respond.

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5. How to Tell If Your Employees are Happy

Here are a few ways to uncover the truth about employee satisfaction in your office. 

Ask your employees to list a process or aspect of their job that they would like to eliminate in order to be more productive. This will help you discover areas of frustration and improve efficiency at the same time.

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6. Cultivating a Top-down Company Culture

Here are a few tips for cultivating a company culture that reflects the values your company holds.

Create a cultural language. Create a mission statement. Beyond the more business-centric goals, this mission statement should articulate the relationships you hope to build with clients and coworkers. When you’re done, sit down and create a list of words and adjectives that echo

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7. Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

It is estimated that there are 11 million meetings in America each day. However, many professionals don’t know how to properly conduct themselves while in a business meeting, so, avoid these common meeting mistakes in the future:

Not respecting others’ time – There are not enough hours in the work day. Respect the time of others by being in your seat at the scheduled time. And don’t make meetings longer than they have to be by discussing your vacation or last night’s game. That’s what water coolers are for.

Not waiting your turn – Interrupting colleagues, clients, or co-workers is disrespectful and unprofessional. Allow others the opportunity to speak and voice their opinions.

Not exhibiting decorum – A meeting is not the time or place for blue humor or dirty jokes. Nor is it an appropriate venue for profanity or unprofessional behavior. Keep it clean and act like a professional.

Not giving people your attention – Smartphones make it too easy for us to become distracted and tune out everyone else in the room. Not to mention it’s rude to ignore someone who is speaking. Eliminate temptation by turning it off.

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