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1. Cost-per-Page: How to Quantify Your Printing Costs

Despite the fact that much of the way we conduct business these days is done digitally, companies large and small still rely on printing. In fact, it’s a bigger expense than you would imagine—research shows the average company spends one to three percent of its total annual revenue on print expenses. With this much of your budget going toward printing, it’s important for companies to gain a better understanding of these costs to ensure this money is being spent wisely. 

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2. Wide Format Printers - What You Need to Know

As with most technology, wide format printers have evolved over the years, increasing their value as everyday office tools. Some recent advancements in wide format printing include:

Print speed - While wide format printers enable users to print in sizes not available with traditional printers, this freedom comes at a cost: speed. However, modern wide format machines are faster than ever and are no longer the lumbering devices their predecessors were.

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3. The Dangers of Using Counterfeit Print Supplies

Counterfeit products present a significant problem for consumers around the world who mistakenly purchase fraudulent goods. The office technology space is not immune to this scourge, as counterfeit ink and toner cartridges for printers have become increasingly common in recent years, with massive raids resulting in millions of dollars of bogus printing supplies being seized. While the manufacturers of the products being counterfeited lose revenue to this illegal practice, they’re not the only victims. The end users purchasing what they believe to be genuine printer cartridges are being hoodwinked by counterfeiters, paying near what they would pay for a genuine product for an inferior knock off.

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4. Quick Fixes for Everyday Print Problems

Printing Too Slow
Double-check the size of the file that you are attempting to print. If you’re asking too much of your printer’s memory, reduce the file size or collapse memory-hogging layers. If the file size is reasonable, try printing in draft (or fast) mode. Save paper andspeed by switching from double-sided printing to multiple pages-per-sheet. If it’s not the print settings, you may need to check your network connection or upgrade to a printer with better memory and processor speed.

Nothing Printing
Go to printer settings and make sure the correct device is set as the default. If you’re printing to the correct machine, check that the paper tray is stocked and the cable or network connection is secure. If all else fails, restart your computer or printer and attempt the process again.

Poor Print Quality
Make sure that the images on the file you’re printing matches your print setting specs—usually, 300 dpi. If not, poor print quality may mean that you need to resize the image or find a better one. Poor quality can also result if your paper type is incorrect. For smudges and lines, print a few empty pages to clear the toner head.

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5. What to Consider before Your Next MFP Purchase

Multifunction printers, or MFPs, offer big rewards in a relatively small package. The minimal footprint of an all-in-one machine eliminates the need for separate standalone printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines, saving your business space and money. Consider these factors before your next MFP purchase or lease:

Printing – When choosing an MFP for your business, it’s important to survey your current print outputs and volume needs. Depending on individual makes and model types, MFPs can print up to thousands of pages per day on diverse media—like letterhead, thick cardstock, envelopes, and labels—while other devices are more limited in terms of output and paper handling. 

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6. Why it's Time to Incorporate Mobile Printing

With a new reliance on mobile devices to accomplish work tasks comes a necessity to print on-the-go. Bringing a flash drive to a meeting and asking to use a colleague’s printer—or worse, emailing documents to a client and asking them to print them for you—seems antiquated and can challenge the credibility of your company in the eyes of your partners and competitors. 

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7. How Color Printing Can Change Your Business for the Better

Color increases a reader’s attention span and recall by more than 82 percent. Think about how adding color can impact your company’s brand recognition or the success of your latest promotional push. Your customers will pay more attention to your message and be able to remember more of it if color is incorporated into your printed materials. 

Color increases comprehension by 73 percent. You want readers to absorb your message and make sense of it as it relates to them. Using color helps to increase the likelihood that your customers will truly understand the point that you’re trying to make, and will make them more receptive to you message. 

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8. Cool Printing Trends You'll Want to Know About

Diversity of media types – Many industries and companies need to print specialized items, such as product packaging or on-demand banners. By expanding the various media types and paper weight (gsm) that printers can accommodate, businesses have more flexibility to produce the documents and printed materials they need.  

White and clear toner – This is cool stuff. White and clear toner gives you the ability to really add value and flare to your printed documents. With clear ink, you can flood coat a document to enhance its appearance, or you can spot coat only the headline text, so the words seem to jump off the page. More and more print manufacturers are offering white or clear toner options, expanding this new technology across many different industries and applications.

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9. The Nitty Gritty of Color Printing

Color printing is a complex process. But understanding some color printing basics can help you get the perfect prints you're looking for.

First of all, there is color matching. Your monitor is emitting light, whereas your printer is working with a piece of paper that will absorb light. This means you’re dealing with two opposing forces, each trying to replicate the other.


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